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731 Wellington STREET | LONDON ONTARIO |


Spruce on Wellington is a restaurant located in London, Ontario founded by Chef Thomas Waite.

The culinary world has come a long way over the past 100 years and Spruce on Wellington is at the forefront, utilizing modern techniques, including experimenting with molecular gastronomy which brings scientific principles into the kitchen to transform foods.  These new techniques allow us to take your favourite dish and transform it into something that you have never had before. 

Thomas Waite is the owner of The In Home Chef, a personal In Home catering company in the heart of London.






731 Wellington St
London, ON
N6A 3S1


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Tuesday: 5pm - 10pm

Wednesday: 5pm - 10pm

Thursday: 5pm - 10pm

Friday: 5pm - 10pm

Saturday: 5pm - 10pm


Executive Chef and Proprietor-  Thomas Waite


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Welcome to the Spruce cooking classes! Come enjoy mouth-watering food, great conversation, and become inspired through the passion of Chef Thomas as he teaches you to create your own culinary masterpieces. Change up your usual date night routine or grab some friends for a fun tasty evening.

See our range of classes below.  If you or someone you know is interested

please call us at 519-434-9797 to book your spot now!

Thank you,

Chef Thomas Waite



SUNDAY, Feb 11th, 1pm-4pm

$100.00 per person - Includes wine + gift

Love is in the air! Come join us and bring your partner for our Valentine’s inspired class. This class will start off with a couples classic - Cheese fondue! The Chef will show you how to make the perfect cheesy fondue and you’ll have some house made bread to use for dipping!  Next we’ll move on to Steak for two. You’ll learn how to properly cook a bone-in ribeye steak. The chef will show you how to make scalloped potatoes and broccoli almondine on the side. Finally, to finish the class you’ll learn how to make the perfect cake for your partner in crime - Nemesis cake! A flourless chocolate cake, the perfect finish to a delicious meal for two!




MONDAY, Mar 19th, 6pm-9pm

$100.00 per person - Includes wine + gift

If your vegan or if you just want to explore some vegan options, this class is for you! We will begin the class with a one of a kind vegan tartar which will combine fresh, raw seasonal vegetables with tofu aioli and our famous burnt lemon dressing. Next we will show you how to make a French classic - Ratatouille using ‘Nuts for Cheese’! The class will finish with another French classic, Macaroons - but vegan of course!



MONDAY, Apr 16th, 6pm-9pm

$100.00 per person - Includes wine + gift

There’s no need to order in Indian anymore, after this class you’ll be able to make it yourself!  We’ve got all the favourites. We’ll start the class with the always delicious onion bhaji. Guests will learn how to prepare, season and cook their onion bhajis to perfection. For the main course we’ll prepare the classic butter chicken. Guests will learn how to make the perfectly seasoned butter chicken sauce with just a little kick. For dessert, the Chef will show you how to make coconut mango pudding, the perfect finish to the evening.




SUNDAY, Feb 25th, 1pm-4pm

$100.00 per person - Includes wine + gift

For all those lovers of the sea, this is the class for you. We’ll begin the class with a crowd pleaser - scallops! You’ll learn how to properly clean and sear a scallop and pair them with a cauliflower puree and some pistachio crumb. We’ll then move onto another seafood favourite, oysters. Guests will learn how to properly shuck and flavour their oysters. Finally, we’ll move on to a decadent seafood dish, lobster thermidor. This dish uses white wine, cream, cheese and butter to make a melt in your mouth entree that you’ll have to serve at home.




SUNDAY, Mar 25th, 1pm-4pm

$100.00 per person - Includes wine + gift 

This class is all about Tapas! You’ll learn how to make 5 spanish inspired small bites. If you want to impress your guests at your next party, you don’t want to miss this class!  Guests will learn how to prepare and plate each tapa. We’ll start with shrimp ceviche on a crostini, followed by some deep fried manchego! We’ll then move on to ham croquettes and patatas bravas. We’ll finish the class with tarta de santiago, an almond dessert. Each tapa will be paired with the perfect wine.



MONDAY, Apr 30th, 6pm-9pm

$100.00 per person - Includes wine + gift

For anyone gluten free, or for those who just want to learn how to cook some gluten free options, this is the class for you!. We’ll begin the glass with a tarte flambee using potato flour! You’ll get to top your gluten free flatbread with all sorts of delicious choices. Guests will then move on to the main course, Chickpea Flour Gnocchi. Learn to make a classic pasta dish without the gluten!  Finally, we will learn how to make the classic nemesis cake. This flourless chocolate cake is a delicious gluten free dessert you’ll be bringing to your next event!



MONDAY, Mar 12th, 6pm-9pm

$100.00 per person - Includes wine + gift

This class is designed for the more adventurous, who want to try cooking something new! We’ll start the class off with a bang with some grilled octopus. You’ll learn how to clean and grill the tentacles to perfection! It will pair perfectly with some kewpie mayo and kimchi. For the main course you’ll get to learn how to make delicious Korean short ribs. You’ll even get to take some home along with a bottle our homemade Gochujang BBQ Sauce! For dessert the Chef will show you how to make matcha cheesecake.



MONDAY, Apr 9th, 6pm-9pm

$100.00 per person - Includes wine + gift 

This class is perfect for foodies who love to make their dish look like a piece of art. This class will shift the focus toward presenting a well balanced, aesthetically appealing dish. First you’ll learn how to plate a colourful seasonal salad where you’ll utilize the plate to your advantage. Next guests will learn how to enhance your soup with some homemade oils, crumb for texture and edible flowers! Our main course will focus of how to enhance your main protein or component with purees, colours, textures and flavours. Finally you’ll learn how to compose a beautifully plated dessert using sweet and savoury components.



MONDAY, May 14th, 6pm-9pm

$100.00 per person - Includes wine + gift

Who doesn’t loved mexican cuisine? This class will take your traditional mexican fare to the next level. We’ll begin the class with a delicious salmon ceviche. We’ll add avocado, red onion, lime and cilantro ( or no cilantro for the haters!) with some fried tortillas on the side. For our main course guests will learn how to make the signature sauce of Mexico - Mole. We’ll add chicken, homemade tortillas and all sorts of accompaniments. For dessert you’ll learn how to make another mexican classic, churros. The Chef will show guests how to make the choux paste and fry the churros, but the toppings are up to you! From dulce de leche, chocolate filled or the classic cinnamon and sugar, you’ll get to dress up your mexican dessert just how you like it!




Interested in reserving your spot and booking one of our classes? Please contact us at: (519) 434-9797