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Soups on!

Raise a spoon with Jill as she celebrates the launch of her most recent cookbook, Soups Stews & Breads.  Jill will start the evening by demonstrating just how easy chicken stock is to make from scratch. She’ll then show you how to make Irish Wheaton bread that will be served with a hearty bean and bacon soup.  Next is a light and flavourful “cod in crazy water”.  On the stew side of things, Jill will prepare a particularly easy chicken cacciatore served with Rummo pasta.   Each guest will take home an autographed copy of the book.

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What to Drink

Join sommelier Christie Pollard for an evening of whisky; the world’s most cherished spirit. For the most part, it is enjoyed ‘neat’ or ‘on the rocks’, without even a thought of what food might go along with it. However, the pairing possibilities of whisky and food are intriguing and when matched properly can be fabulous. Thanks to the global craft distilling revolution, we live in an age when there are just about as many styles, flavours and variations of whisky as there are wine.


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Tonight, Troy Spicer will share his love of pasta making in this technique-focused class.  The evening will begin with an Italian classic, linguine puttanesca.  Next, try your hand at making orecchiette pasta that will be served with mushroom ragout.  Finally, learn the tricks to making a spinach ricotta ravioli in a classic tomato sauce. These are skills that you will be dying to show off!